Why Choose TrueJob

What does TrueJob offer that other job boards can't?

Demonstrate Your Value

Use data from your TrueJob analytics dashboard to demonstrate your job board’s value to the community: from jobs submitted and companies engaged, to applications submitted, new hires and more.

Jumpstart Postings

Ensure that your job board will be populated with high quality jobs on the first day you go live. We use a proprietary tool that retrieves job postings directly from company websites.

Enhance your brand

Maintain and enhance your brand with a professionally designed job board that integrates seamlessly into your website and matches your current design elements. All email communications with users are also branded to your organization.

Reflect Your Vision

Ensure that the postings that appear on your job board reflect your organization’s mission and vision. Our automated review and approval process is fast and easy.

Match the Right Jobs and Candidates

Drive the most relevant and qualified candidates to your members when job seekers use our powerful search and filtering tools.

Support Smaller Companies

Offer TrueJob’s Applicant Tracking Module to smaller companies who often lack advanced recruiting tools.

Drive Engagement

Ensure that job seekers and your member companies have a positive experience with our well-designed and clear user interface that allows them to find relevant information quickly.

Reduce Support Time

Spend less time troubleshooting and answering basic questions by providing users access to TrueJob’s videos and documentation.

Give your members the job board they deserve.