Economic Development Organizations

Secure more funding

Use TrueJob’s built-in job statistics and analytics to demonstrate how you positively impacted your region’s economic health.

Present this data to secure sponsorhips and funding from prospective private and public sources.

Local company support

Companies in your region can use TrueJob’s analytics dashboard reports to determine which job postings are most effective at attracting more, higher quality candidates.

Smaller companies without advanced recruiting tools can use TrueJob’s Applicant Tracking Module to manage the candidate evaluation and interview process.

Increase your traffic

If you don’t already have a job board, implementing TrueJob will significantly increase your site traffic.

During implementation, use TrueJob’s unique promotional campaign plan to ensure awareness of your job board.

And, you can add applicant email addresses to your existing communication distribution list.

Resources for Economic Development Organizations

Watch the 3 minute overview

Watch our video to see how your economic development organization can provide more value to your community, attract more sponsorships and funding, and increase website traffic.

Watch the webinar

This webinar, "Why a job board can be an essential part of your association's success", takes an in depth look at the key features association's should look for in job boards, includes a demonstration of a job board on an association website, and discusses benefits for your association. If you prefer, you can read a transcript.

Read the case study

Read our concise overview of how a job board can be a strategic tool that translates into more members and revenue for your association.

Read the quick guide

Considering a job board for your organization’s website? Learn about the eight key requirements you need for success.

Read the whitepaper

Read our concise overview of how a job board can be a strategic tool that translates into more sponsorships and funding for your Economic Development Organization.

Give your members the job board they deserve.