Employer features

Don't just copy and paste a job posting

Know what works and what doesn't

You don't have time to write a job posting, so you copy one from the web. But how do you know if that job posting actually attracts the people you want? TrueJob's data can help tell you what's working and what's not.

Detailed analytics on job postings

Wondering why your job posting isn't getting the love it deserves? Find out why job seekers are not applying and get analytics to compare against similar jobs in your area.

Hire smarter

The best candidates

You've got your shortlist of candidates to interview. Now what? TrueJob can help you sort and filter those candidates so you know which people to look at first.

Interviewing made easy

Ready to interview? TrueJob makes it easy to ask interview questions and track how an applicant responds. Gather feedback from your team members and reach consensus.

From your inbox to your workflow

Candidates in your inbox? Email them to TrueJob, and they show up in your workflow automatically.

It doesn't stop here

Wherever you go, TrueJob goes as well

TrueJob looks great on all screens — Use it on your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

Hiring never stops

Even if you aren't hiring immediately, we'll send you information on the latest job hiring trends, so when you want to hire, you have the knowledge you need.

We work hard to help you work less

We're constantly improving TrueJob and adding features. If you think this is all that can change in job search, just wait to see what we have coming next.

Employers, upgrade your hiring